Category C1 is a driving license that entitles the holder to drive small trucks of more than 3.5t up to 7.5t. offers professional training for this truck driving license. In this blog post you will learn everything you need to know about the category C1.

Advantages of category C1

The category C1 not only expands your skills in road traffic, but also opens up new possibilities. For example, with a small truck you can transport goods and objects and thus work as a delivery or courier driver in professional use.

Training at

At you will be prepared for the practical and theoretical test by experienced driving instructors. The training includes both the driving with the small truck and the safe loading. The theory training includes all relevant topics such as load securing and traffic regulations.

Costs and duration of the training

The cost of training for category C1 varies depending on the provider and region. At you can expect costs of around CHF 2,500. The duration of the training depends on your individual learning progress, but you should plan at least 10 to 15 driving hours.


The C1 category is a driving license that opens up new possibilities for you in your professional life. At you will receive professional training for the truck driving license, which will prepare you for all challenges in road traffic. Invest in your skills and benefit from the advantages of the C1 category.


  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Required category B (at least learner's permit)
  • Nothelferkurs: nicht erforderlich
  • Validity of learner's permit 24 months
  • Additional theory test: yes

Voraussetzungen und Anforderungen rund um die Kategorie C1

Weitere Informationen

Price List

Kategorie C1

55' Lektion

Kat. C1

Einzellektion Preis CHF 160.-


The costs are to be paid in cash in each case.

Kat. C1

Preis CHF 230.-


C1/D1 ASTAG Buch

Price CHF 50.-


Intensiv LKW-/ Car

4 mal pro Woche Intensivkurs Preis CHF 2'000.-

2 mal pro Woche

Preis CHF 1'000.-


Preis CHF 100.- pro h

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